The Verzè family Verzè


We’ve been here in the valley since this far back. Our ancestors came to settle in the area to work on pruning the pear trees.


Grandma Natalina’s family became famous for their fine cooking during the events in the Cazzano area.


Granddad Almerino started a little dairy farm with 12 milk cows.


Where the Boaria sheds now stand, in Malesan, the Verzè family began breeding rabbits.


With a view to expanding the rabbit breeding business, 12 hectares of land were purchased here in Cambran, where Corte Verzè is today located.


The rabbit breeding business ran into difficulty due to the market conditions, so interest waned in the idea of expanding it. The family’s desire to make an important investment shifted in the direction of a special accommodation project, in the form of a Bed & Breakfast.


Work began on renovating the abandoned farmhouse, and the dream gradually began to take shape.


Corte Verzè officially opened on New Year’s Eve.


The Verzè family engaged a number of artists from the provinces of Verona and Vicenza to bring a uniquely personal touch to the eight rooms in the complex. The works were completed in June and presented to the public with an award ceremony that sought to place the accent on art and beauty, promoting their value. The same year saw the inauguration of the restaurant for guests and the catering service for external events.


The dream continued, with the planning and official opening of the wellness centre. In addition, the winery of the complex began producing our own Corte Verzè label wine.


The accent returned once again firmly on art and creativity, with the promotion of and support for the “Erbamatta” Land Art project in the area bordering on the complex, curated by the artists from Verona Francesca Compri and Sara Zanoni.


We extended the sheep and goat rearing business, taking part in the creation of an association to promote and safeguard the Brogna breed of sheep. This gave us the idea of using the milk to produce our own cheese.


The new Boaria sheds became usable; they are currently being extended.


The farm has grown over the years, and currently covers 45 hectares, 35 of them planted with crops. The cheese factory and the farm shop will be opening soon.

“I’m a mother, a grandmother…and with the latest little addition to the family I’m now a great-grandmother! Yes, it’s been a long road, and I can feel it occasionally in my knees these days. But I’ve had company all the way, with all the family walking by my side. And as you know, walking whets the appetite, so at the end of the day, here they all are, seated around the table of life, tucking into my pappardelle with meat sauce.”

Grandma Natalina

We’re the Verzè family, and this is our dream. A dream that emerged, little by little, from the stone walls of an old, abandoned farmhouse and came splendidly, solidly true, thanks to hard work, laughter, a glass of good wine and a slice or two of soppressata salami. Corte Verzè is our home, our family; it represents the adventure we pursue every day to preserve our roots, make the most of the present and imagine the future. Together.

It’s a wonderful life...

Agriturismo Corte Verzè

Comunicazioni alla clientela

Vi informiamo che, in ottemperanza del Decreto Legge in vigore dal 6 agosto 2021,
l’accesso al ristorante da parte di clienti non soggiornanti in agriturismo è consentito nella sala interna su prenotazione,
con green pass: vaccinazione o certificato guarigione dal Covid, non antecedente a 6 mesi
oppure con tampone NEGATIVO non antecedente alle 48 ore.

Vi ricordiamo inoltre che è OBBLIGATORIO l’uso della mascherina all’ingresso
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La vostra sicurezza e quella del nostro staff sono per noi un’assoluta priorità.
Ci impegniamo al massimo per rispettare le regole di comportamento e distanziamento e chiediamo a tutti voi, amici e clienti, di farlo insieme a noi.

Famiglia Verzè
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