"I remember when I was a child, and we all used to gather together around the table at the end of a long day: mum, dad, the grandparents... Tired from their work, but their faces used to light up as soon as the food arrived piping hot on the table. I love this magic good food is able to work on people. But there’s no trickery afoot in my kitchen, nothing other than genuine raw materials from our local area, a look at mum’s recipe book and a pinch of my own inspiration. They do say, though, that the spell was glimpsed for a fleeting moment as someone peeked in the kitchen window..."

Giorgio Verzè

Giorgio and his son Ilario are busy in the kitchen every day, investing all their passion and enthusiasm in serving up the aromas and flavours typical of the local country traditions in the Corte Verzè restaurant: risotto dishes, home-made pasta, game, cheeses, garden vegetables, cakes and biscuits, all washed down with some fine wine.

There are certain flavours, aromas and colours that can transport us right back to a particular place, person or emotion. In the Corte Verzè shop, you’ll find the same products you enjoyed here at the table, painstakingly and lovely crafted and ready for you to take home. The attentive service, Cristina’s warm smile that welcomes you into the dining room, the white cotton tablecloths, the wooden beams, the open stone and the large hearth all come together to complete the magic, warming up the ambience with a simple, elegant, inviting touch.

Agriturismo Corte Verzè